Understanding Enzymes

The use of enzymes in the nutraceutical industry is on the rise. Enzymes are bio-catalysts; in short, they speed up chemical reactions without being used up in the process. As they are specific, enzymes are only able to catalyze certain reactions. In the human body, one of the main roles enzymes play is in digestion. Most digestive enzymes are produced in the pancreas. Enzymes are vital to the digestion of large food particles, like proteins and starches, and without them, our bodies would be unable to absorb necessary nutrients.

Digestive Enzyme Insufficiency

In some cases, people don’t have enough digestive enzymes or their bodies don’t release them properly. The most common symptoms of digestive enzyme insufficiency include malnutrition and GI irritation, which can present as gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pains/cramps, oily (mucus) stools, and unexplained weight loss. Enzyme supplementation can make a world of difference to one’s digestive health, easing the symptoms of enzyme insufficiency by addressing the root cause.

Digestive health is regarded as highly important for overall wellness. Even people without enzyme insufficiency can benefit from enzyme supplementation, as enzyme supplementation can help to optimize the digestive process.  


Enzymes are frequently used in the nutraceutical industry, and are only becoming more popular. Many digestive enzymes digestive enzymes are available over-the-counter, and may also be prescribed for certain health conditions that cause enzyme insufficiency. Enzyme supplementation can assist in the breakdown and absorption of foods, ultimately making the digestive process more efficient and resulting in optimal nutrient uptake and fewer digestive issues.

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