We Make Plant-Based Dairy Taste Like “Dairy”

Plant icon representing Amano Enzymes' specialty enzymes for plant-based dairy.

Plant-based dairy foods and beverages are increasingly sought after by consumers, but they pose unique challenges for manufacturers. Whether you want to prevent precipitation or curdling, improve mouthfeel, or achieve longer shelf life, Amano can help. Our patented manufacturing processes produce enzymes that deliver performance gains without impacting taste.


A variety of plant-based milk and creamer products enhanced with Amano's specialty enzymes for improved texture and taste.

Specialty enzymes for plant-based milks and creamers

Plant-based dairy products are popular alternatives to cow’s milk, but taste and mouthfeel still matter to today’s consumers.

Amano’s enzymes not only increase the sweetness of plant-based dairy alternatives but also help them stay creamy and smooth. By offering an outstanding sensory experience without added ingredients, Amano can help create a product consumers will return to again and again.


Plant-based dairy assets

Assortment of melty and stretchy plant-based cheeses, achieved with Amano's specialized enzyme solutions.

Plant-based cheese that’s melty and stretchy

Texture is a major challenge for high‑protein plant‑based cheeses, leading to difficulties in processing and resulting in a product with a brittle, unappealing texture.

Amano’s CheeseMax enzyme helps eliminate excess water, creating a cheese that stretches and melts beautifully like regular cheese while maintaining its creamy texture and robust flavor.


Plant-based dairy assets

Creamy plant-based yogurt exemplifying Amano Enzymes expertise in enhancing dairy alternatives.

Creamy plant‑based yogurts

Plant-based yogurts require water retention to prevent separation and maintain attractiveness as a dairy substitute.

Amano’s enzymes not only ensure a high-quality product that retains the thick and creamy appearance of milk-based yogurts but also helps reduce fermentation time.


LC-Y120 assets:

Plant-based butter, showcasing Amano's specialty enzymes for achieving a buttery spread texture.

Specialty enzymes for buttery plant‑based spreads

Butter flavors are essential for making margarine, confectioneries, and frozen desserts palatable, but butter’s short shelf life poses a challenge for its widespread use.

Enzyme-treated plant-based butter creates an affordable, shelf-stable butter substitute with an authentic flavor and aroma profile for a diverse range of products from salad dressings and soups to snacks and sauces.


LRH assets:

Plant icon representing how Amano Enzyme solutions can improve processing of plant-based dairy products.

We can also improve your processing

In addition to improving the flavor and mouthfeel of plant-based dairy products, our enzymes can help improve processing in a variety of products without affecting flavor or compromising on quality.

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