We Create Sweet and Savory Flavors without Added Ingredients

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The quest to enhance the flavors in food has a long history, and Amano is writing a new chapter by developing enzymes that can create sweet and savory flavors in food matrices without having to resort to artificial sweeteners or MSG. If you’re trying to avoid unnecessary ingredients, eliminate bitterness in food, or just after a particular taste, Amano has the technical know-how to create the tailor-made enzymes that you’re after.


Enzyme-Modified Cheese Perfected with Amano Enzymes' Specialty Enzymes

Enzyme-modified cheese

How can you impart a classic aged-cheese aroma to young cheese? By treating it with Amano’s patented enzymes. The result is an authentic complex cheese scent without the expensive and time-consuming aging process. If you’re interested in creating shelf-stable cheese products, Amano’s scientists can help identify the specialty enzyme you need.


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Bowl of Savory Umami Soup Enhanced with Amano Enzymes

Yeast extracts and savory flavors

Yeast extracts offer a vegetarian-friendly, clean-label alternative to MSG without having to resort to artificial seasonings. Our gluten free enzymes simplify the production of yeast extracts to a one-step process significantly reducing processing time.


Flavor assets

Searching for a custom enzyme solution to a flavor challenge? Amano can help.


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