Improve Taste and Enhance Texture of Starch-Based Products

Wheat and Corn Icon - Enhancing Taste and Texture of Starch-Based Products with Amano Enzymes

Amano’s custom enzymes are useful in a variety of starch-based applications. They help make bread more delicious while improving the coloring of the crust. They can increase the fluffy, elastic texture of the bread itself. Our enzymes can also preserve the texture of starch-based products by suppressing the hardening and “aging” of processed foods. They can even be used to halt the crystallization of rice and noodle dishes as they start to cool.


Assortment of Custom Enzyme-Enhanced Breads for Improved Dough Strength and Stability

Enzymes for bread and dough

Frozen ready-to-bake dough has become a staple in many kitchens, but cooking bread twice can result in over-browning. Amano’s scientists have developed custom enzymes that naturally interrupt the browning process during parbaking while simultaneously serving as a dough conditioner that reduces stickiness and improves its strength and stability.


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Assortment of Rice and Noodles Crafted with Amano's Anti-Retrogradation Enzymes for Delicious, Smooth-Textured Meals

Specialty enzymes for rice and noodles

Cooked starches such as prepared rice and noodles can become clumpy and hard as they cool, but Amano has developed enzymes that help prevent retrogradation of starch in processed foods. By using enzymes to convert starch that resists crystallization, Amano helps producers create delicious meals that stay that way with every bite.


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Not sure how to improve your starch-based product? Amano can help identify your challenges and propose a specialty enzyme solution.


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