We Make Creamier Cheeses and Egg Products with a Longer Shelf Life

Icon of milk carton and egg, symbolizing creamier cheeses and longer shelf life, powered by Amano Enzyme solutions.

Amano’s specialty enzymes can help you make plant-based cheeses with a creamy texture that melt smoothly, egg-based processed foods with a longer shelf life, sweetened grain-based milks without adding sugars, and more. Whether it’s improving the taste and aroma of butter flavors or removing lactose that causes stomach irritation, our scientists may have the enzyme formulation you need.


Enzyme-modified cheese with aged-cheese aroma, crafted using Amano specialty enzymes.

Enzyme-modified cheese with aged-cheese aroma

Amano scientists have crafted specialty enzymes that transform young fresh cheese, imparting it with a delicious tasting, classic aged-cheese aroma. Treating cheese with Amano’s enzymes results in enhanced, authentic flavors and complex notes that not only have worldwide appeal but offer an affordable solution for creating shelf-stable cheese products.


Dairy & Eggs Assets

Specialty Enzymes Enhancing Texture and Stability of Egg Products

Specialty enzymes to improve texture and stability of egg products

Eggs are highly perishable and preserve poorly, separating when frozen and solidifying when heated. Amano’s custom enzymes can make eggs last longer, while preserving their useful qualities in a variety of processed foods. From custard bases that use yolks to egg whites in mayonnaise, Amano not only increases egg shelf life, but also improves its emulsifiability.

Lactose-Free Creamer Crafted with Amano Enzymes

Enzymes for lactose-free dairy

Milk is beloved worldwide by children and adults alike for its creamy taste and nutritional benefits. However, for those who are lactose intolerant, drinking milk has meant enduring stomachaches or worse. Thankfully Amano’s scientists have developed enzymes that break down the lactose in milk, resulting in delicious milk-based products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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