We Make Plant-Based Meats Savory and Juicy

Plant icon representing Amano Enzymes' specialty enzymes for plant-based meats.

Consumers want plant-based meats, but only if they mimic the taste and texture of real meat. Amano’s specialty enzymes can help increase the umami and meaty flavor of plant based meat alternatives.

Our specialty enzymes reduce cooking loss, lower production costs, and more.


Delicious umami-rich plant-based burger, a result of Amano Enzymes' specialty enzyme solutions for plant-based meats.

Naturally increase meaty flavor

Discovered over a century ago, umami – the Japanese word for “pleasant savory taste” – is one of the five basic tastes created by the presence of the amino acid glutamate. Umamizyme™ Pulse is an enzyme specially formulated for a wide variety of plant-based proteins to naturally increase savory flavor while reducing bitterness.


Plant-based meat assets

Plant icon representing Amano Enzymes' specialty enzymes for enhancing plant-based products.

Improve processing

Our specialty enzymes enable you to use multiple sources of plant protein in food products – from legumes to grains – and at the same time, can help you improve your overall processing capabilities.

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