The Role of Enzymes in Nutraceuticals

Understanding Enzymes The use of enzymes in the nutraceutical industry is on the rise. Enzymes are bio-catalysts; in short, they speed up chemical reactions without being used up in the process. As they are specific, enzymes are only able to catalyze certain reactions. In the human body, one of the main roles enzymes play is See more


Specialty Enzymes Company is Improving Cold-Brewed Coffee Beverage Production

The Role of Enzyme Manufacturing Companies Enzyme technology is vital to improving the taste, texture, and quality of many foods we consume on a daily basis. When it comes to the beverage industry, enzymes and the reactions they catalyze are indispensable. As an enzyme manufacturing company, one of the specialties of Amano Enzyme is improving See more


Enzyme Manufacturing Companies Seeing Skyrocketing Growth in Plant-Based Dairy Specialty Enzymes

The global market for plant-based foods is exploding as people are interested in alternatives to animal products. In fact, in 2021 grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replaced animal products grew 27 percent, reaching $7 billion. Dairy Stands Out in This Growing Plant-Based Market When you go to the supermarket the plant-based foods section See more


Cost Savings and Economic Benefits of Utilizing Manufactured Enzymes

Enzymes play a crucial role in various industries, ranging from food and beverages to biofuels and pharmaceuticals. These remarkable catalysts can speed up chemical reactions, improve efficiency, and offer numerous environmental benefits. Amano Enzyme, one of the world’s leading enzyme manufacturing companies, has been at the forefront of producing high-quality enzymes that bring about cost See more


A Specialty Enzymes Company’s Approach to Reducing Environmental Impact of Food & Beverage Production

It is estimated that food waste contributes between 8 to 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the ongoing global climate crisis. Food waste can occur both at all levels of the food life cycle, from the individual consumer, to retailers and restaurants, all the way up to wholesalers and commercial food production. See more


Amano to Sponsor First North America-Japan Enzyme Technology Symposium

ELGIN, IL, MARCH 23, 2023—Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, today announced it is sponsoring the first-ever Enzyme Technology Symposium between top academic researchers and industry professionals from North America and Japan. The symposium, entitled, “Creating Opportunities for Economic and Environmental Improvement with Specialty Enzymes,” will be See more

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