The Role of Enzyme Manufacturing Companies

Enzyme technology is vital to improving the taste, texture, and quality of many foods we consume on a daily basis. When it comes to the beverage industry, enzymes and the reactions they catalyze are indispensable. As an enzyme manufacturing company, one of the specialties of Amano Enzyme is improving the quality and production of coffee and tea. 

The Benefits of Enzymes for Beverages

It’s no secret that coffee and tea are staple beverages that are constantly being innovated and part of a dynamic and growing market. Take a look at the prepared beverages section in most any market and you will see new coffee and tea products to try. Using enzymes in the production of ready-to-drink coffee and tea beverages is vital to an improved product which is superior in taste, color, aroma, and overall quality. 

When people discover a favorite beverage, they often make it part of their routine. When it comes to prepared tea and coffee products, an opportunity is brewing for manufacturers! Take cold brew for example, which research organization Statista projects to reach $1 billion in sales by 2025. Enzymes help manufacturers reach higher yields, greater product consistency, and improved production processes as well as provide the consumer with a quality product; with enzymes it’s a win-win situation! 

Why Our Specialty Enzymes Company is Unique

At Amano Enzyme, we are committed to being the world’s number one enzyme production company. Our goal is to enhance the enjoyment of eating and drinking by improving food and beverages worldwide with our enzyme technology. 

When it comes to supporting manufacturers in being successful in the booming coffee and tea industry, we’ve got you covered! Amano Enzyme features three different specialty enzymes which improve your cold-brew coffee and tea products. 


Amano Enzyme has introduced CoffeeMax™, a specialty enzyme blend that can improve extraction yield, increase clarity and increase filtration speed—without the need for additional ingredients. Turbidity can be reduced by over 65 per cent with 1.5% concentration of CoffeeMax in the bean extract. By reducing the turbidity of the cold-brew, clarity is greatly enhanced producing a clearer, higher-quality coffee. Reducing turbidity increases filtration speed by nearly 4 times — from .05 ml per hour to nearly .25 ml per hour. At the same time, reduced turbidity also reduces sediment formation, improving the appearance of the cold-brew coffee. CoffeeMax also contributes to the flavor of the cold-brew coffee by liberating sugar from the coffee beans. The addition of CoffeeMax at 0.5 % bean produces five times more monosaccharides creating a less bitter, sweeter coffee without added sugar.

Aromase™ H2

This specialty enzyme intensifies the aroma of your tea product, promotes clarity and overall taste. This is significant, as bottled tea that doesn’t contain enzymes tends to become cloudy due to tea solids forming, particularly when exposed to cold temperatures. This enzyme works by releasing the scent and antioxidants from glycosidic precursors naturally occurring in tea.


TANNASE-KTFHR produces a richer, tastier, and more functional aromatic tea by breaking down tea tannins. Tannins are a constituent that occur naturally in tea leaves and are attributed to the bitter and astringent qualities of tea; for instance, when you over-brew tea, you extract more tannins, making it more bitter and creating a potentially unpleasant mouthfeel. Additionally, this enzyme will enhance your product’s clarity, and color and increase yield. 

Our Specialty Enzymes Create for Sustainable Production

Of course, making a superior product to competitors is important when it comes to being successful in the popular coffee and tea market. What is just as vital is the sustainability in the production of your beverage. The great news is that our enzymes create a better product more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. For instance, TANNASE-KTFHR increases yield, without compromising on quality or flavor. Similarly, Aromase™ H2 intensifies the aroma, making flavor go further without it tasting “watered down”. Additionally, CoffeeMax™ improves the efficiency of the extraction process, so you can achieve increased quantities without increasing source material while reducing brewing time. Over a 15-hour time period, CoffeeMax can improve yield by 30 per cent compared to coffee without the enzyme. The longer the brewing time, the greater the yield. However, CoffeeMax can do much of its work in as little as two hours, depending on the concentration level of CoffeeMax in the bean mixture.

The overall result of using these enzymes is maximizing the yield of each batch of cold brew coffee or tea and creating a product that is of great quality. Amano Enzyme is the secret ingredient to the success of your product both on and off the shelf.  

Our team at Amano Enzyme also takes pride in being able to create custom enzyme applications.  If you need a new concept, flavor, or are experiencing issues with your formula, Amano Enzyme is here to assist in a timely and effective manner. 

Brew Better Today!

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