The global market for plant-based foods is exploding as people are interested in alternatives to animal products. In fact, in 2021 grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replaced animal products grew 27 percent, reaching $7 billion.

Dairy Stands Out in This Growing Plant-Based Market

When you go to the supermarket the plant-based foods section is constantly expanding. This is especially true in regards to plant-based dairy products. Did you know that plant-based milk alone accounts for 35% of the total plant-based food market. When looking at 2021 US Retail Sales, it’s clear that plant-based milk drives growth for the entire milk category, which is valued at $2.6 billion; plant-based milk dollar share of this total is 16%.

It’s no surprise that plant-based cheese, yogurt, creamer and butter sales are also on the rise. As pictured in the chart below, plant-based creamer showed a whopping sales growth of 33%.

Enzyme manufacturing companies play a key role in the creation of plant-based products. At Amano enzyme we formulate specialty enzymes that deliver next-level taste in plant-based dairy food and beverages.

The Taste of Your Plant-Based Product is Key for Success

Research shows that taste is the driving factor with US consumers when choosing plant-based products. This is followed by health, and then by environmental impact and finally animal welfare. Enzyme manufacturing companies are essential to the creation of quality plant-based foods. Amano enzymes can help you be successful in this growing industry, as we specialize in making plant-based dairy taste and perform like the real thing!

Here’s a look at some of our most popular enzymes for plant-based dairy products:

Our specialty enzyme, Protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500 (PG500), creates creamy, foamy and frothy plant-based milks, and optimizes the overall mouthfeel. It also helps plant-based milk from precipitating when added to coffee, and in general stabilizes plant protein in acidic drinks. Additionally, PG500 improves shelf life by increasing protein stability at low pH.

Our CheeseMaxᵀᵐPB makes plant-based cheese which is satisfyingly melty and stretchy. Current plant-based cheese products tend to be low in protein, as texture is a major challenge for high protein plant-based cheese. With our specialty enzyme, CheeseMaxᵀᵐPB, you can make plant-based cheese without compromising on the protein content. This specialty enzyme works by hydrolyzing plant-based proteins to create a creamier texture and robust flavor. It also improves melting at higher temperatures, which is what a person wants when using a plant-based cheese on pizza!

If you are looking to create buttery plant-based oils, our Lipase RH will do the trick. With this enzyme, coconut oil gains buttery characteristics that even give cookies a flavor and texture that is on par or even better than baking with butter.

Power Up Your Plant-Based Products with Amano Enzyme

Our specialty enzyme manufacturing company is always innovating and creating new enzymes to further the potential of plant-based foods. We can help you power up your plant-based products and thrive in this booming market. Amano enzyme products are non-GMO and vegan friendly. Contact us today for free samples and let us help you create plant-based products that taste and perform like the real thing!