ELGIN, IL, MARCH 23, 2023—Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, today announced it is sponsoring the first-ever Enzyme Technology Symposium between top academic researchers and industry professionals from North America and Japan.

The symposium, entitled, “Creating Opportunities for Economic and Environmental Improvement with Specialty Enzymes,” will be held on May 5, at the McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

The focus of the symposium, according to Romas Kazlauskas, Professor, University of Minnesota, “Will be to explore the role enzymes can play in sustainability and the economic benefits they can bring.  A wide range of basic enzyme research will be presented,” said Kazlauskas. “We will discuss challenges, opportunities, foster partnerships, and scientific exchange.”

Shotaro Yamaguchi, Chief Technology Officer, Amano Enzyme, Inc, said, “We will be looking at a variety of topics, from the cutting-edge technology used in designing targeted enzymes to how they can best be applied in a wide variety of food products. Amano has been sponsoring symposia around the world in Japan, Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific region” continued Yamaguchi. “While this will be our first U.S. symposium, we hope to make it a regular event as part of our commitment to on-going enzyme research and sharing the resulting knowledge with our partners around the globe.”

Participants, to date, include:

Ann S Meyer, PhD, Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Pam Ismail, PhD, Director, PPIC, University of Minnesota

Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, PhD, Director BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota

Emma Master, PhD, Professor, University of Toronto

Gregg Whited, PhD, Sr Principal Scientist, IFF Laureate, International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

Jun Ogawa, PhD, Professor, Kyoto University

Keita Okuda, PhD, Assistant Manager, Amano Enzyme, Inc.

Stefan Lutz, PhD, Sr VP Research, Codexis, Inc.

Todd Hyster, PhD, Associate Professor, Cornell University

Tomoko Matsuda, PhD, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Members of academia and industry professionals are invited to attend. For registration information, please log on to: https://bti.umn.edu/north-america-japan-enzyme-technology-symposium/

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