Specialty Enzymes for improving starch products: Glycosyltransfrase

Carbohydrates are an essential part of the human diet and thus an important raw material for the food industry. Amano Enzyme, a leading specialty enzymes company with a strong focus in applications for enzymes in the food industry, has developed glycosyltransferase – Glyco Transferase “Amano” (GLT) – to help brands improve their carbohydrate-based products. See more


Savor the Flavor: Umami is the key to consumers embracing Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles are nothing new - in fact it is the only accepted practice in many significant cultures and religious practices. However particularly in Europe and the Americas, those living vegetarian or vegan lifestyles still only comprise a small percentage of the population. In the US, for example, recent surveys have revealed that See more


Custom Enzymes Help Get More from Ready-to-Drink Coffee & Tea Production

On one hand, coffee and tea brands are in an envious position. Their product is a beloved - and in most cases essential - part of their consumers’ daily lives. Roughly two thirds of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis… and many of those individuals will laughingly remark that they could not live without See more


Amano Enzyme helps manufacturing companies develop delicious plant-based beverages

Non-dairy milk alternatives have become a global trend, driven by increased consumer awareness of the role of protein in weight management and a healthy diet. In fact, plant-based milk alone accounts for 35% of the total plant-based food market in the U.S. (SPINS retails sales data, April 6, 2021.) However, to attract and retain this See more


Enzymes are a Key Differentiator in the Competitive Dairy-Alternative Milk Market

The dairy-alternative milk market, encompassing such plant and grain-based products as soy, almond, and rice-based milks, is exploding - the overall dairy alternative market is expected to reach over $42 Billion in the next 5 years. Competition is fierce, as producers and brands recognize the golden opportunity of replacing traditional milk as a staple See more

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