ELGIN, IL, JAN. 15, 2019—Amano Enzyme will begin the New Year with the opening of an office in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, the Kingdom of Thailand, effective February 1, 2019, according to Ken Iritani, vice president, technical services, Amano Enzyme USA.

Located in the Pathum Thani province, just north of Bangkok, the office will provide sales, research and development services to Southeast Asia and India.

“The new office is being opened to support the growing need for our products and services in this region,” said Iritani. “The global food enzyme market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% over the next five years, and the Asia-Pacific market is expected to show substantial growth as a result of that trend.

The office will be managed by Kimihiko Sato, General Manager. Mr.Sato was previously the manager of international sales and marketing, food and industrial enzyme division, for Amano.

Founded in 1899, Amano Enzyme is a worldwide enzyme manufacturer with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd., Elgin, IL, supplies high-quality, microbial enzymes for the Food, Dietary Supplement, Industrial, Diagnostic, and Regenerative Medicine Industries to the Americas. With multi-ton manufacturing capabilities, SQF Level 2 certification, and technical expertise we are capable of providing unparalleled service along with our guaranteed quality products. For further information, call (847) 649-0101, or visit, lp.amano-enzyme.com.