ELGIN, IL, June 11, 2021—Amano Enzyme, Inc., Nagoya, Japan, a major developer of speciality enzymes for the food industry, announced that its U.S. subsidiary, located here, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

“Originally, we operated as a distributor for Japanese products, but today we also offer blending and packing service to our U.S. customers. We look forward to continually expanding our capabilities and sales in the U.S. market,” said Technical Sales Manager, Viet Ha.

Founded in 1899, Amano Enzyme is a worldwide speciality enzyme manufacturer with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, China and Asia. Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality, microbial enzymes for the Food, Dietary Supplement, Industrial, Diagnostic, and Regenerative Medicine Industries to the Americas. With multi-ton manufacturing capabilities, SQF Level 2 certification, and technical expertise we are capable of providing unparalleled service along with our guaranteed quality products. For further information, call (847) 649-0101, or log on to aeu.sales@amano-enzyme.com.